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  • Classes are cancelled due to Covid 19 until further notice!

    Posted on: Thursday, 12th March 2020

    Dear CDS dancers,

    As I am sure you are all aware,

    Covid-19 is a virus which can 

    spread within the community.

    After the latest updates from last night and the announcement from the government today we want to reduce the risk to our health and keep the dance community as safe as possible , therefore, we will not be holding classes tonight in Tequila Jack’s.

    We will keep you all posted when we will start back again.

    It is sad to make this decision but all our dancers health has to come first. 

    Please pass the info onto your dancing colleagues just in case they are not on Facebook.

    Also please note whoever paid for March membership cards can use them in April. 

    Best wishes from Kathleen and the CDS team ❤

  • 4 week Salsa classes in Douglas and Kinsale

    Posted on: Tuesday, 10th March 2020

    Please contact us for more details. 0838344983

  • Please note locations may change!!!!

    Posted on: Sunday, 10th February 2019

    Please note we have moved our Salsa Class to Tequila Jack's bar since the 9th of Jan 2020!Please check our facebook group and like page for more updates! Please note location may change occasionally!  Contact us via email,,  0838344983, call/txt/WhatsApp or through Facebook 

  • Gift Vouchers available

    Posted on: Friday, 23rd February 2018

    Gift Vouchers available please contact us for more info. or whatsapp/text 083 8344983 

  • Hen Party Fun Dance Classes and First Dance Private Lessons

    Posted on: Wednesday, 22nd February 2017

    Please join us on Facebook, please note our email account is down at the moment. Contact us via 0838344983, call/txt/WhatsApp or through Facebook 

  • Office hours.

    Posted on: Sunday, 8th January 2017

    Office hours may vary.  But e-mails are normally checked from Monday to Thursday. Please text for a speedy response, our mobile number is 0838344983 

  • Contact number: 083 8344 983

    Posted on: Friday, 11th March 2016

    We also can be contacted through Whatsapp!!!

  • Important Links

    Posted on: Wednesday, 4th September 2013

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